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Doctor of Physical Therapy

I developed a passion for pelvic health while working within skilled nursing facilities, experiencing how much incontinence impacts plan of care, discharge options and continuing support needs for older adults. The frequent response to a pelvic floor physical therapy referral of, ‘this is just how it is,’ highlighted the need for increased awareness around pelvic health and rehabilitation.

These days, I provide pelvic floor physical therapy and wellness services for people from older teens to older adults, regardless of gender, body type or sexual identity. 

Areas of Expertise

Pelvic floor rehabilitation, activity modification,
myofascial mobilization, patient education

You're more than just a pelvis, so why should your pelvic floor physical therapist only treat there? I look from head to toe for contributing factors to dysfunction and discomfort in order to make sure that my patients feel better long after they're done seeing me. 

I work closely with my patients to develop personalized treatment plans that address their specific needs and goals, so that they can feel confident and comfortable in their bodies both during and after treatment.

At the end of a plan of care, patients leave with a reasonable maintenance program (think a few minutes a day, not hours), a self-rescue plan for flare ups or backsliding, and increased confidence in managing their own health and wellness. 


Contact Me

Have a question before scheduling? Need a referral or other assistance? Drop me a line! Typical response time is 24-48 hours on business days. 

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