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Below are some things I've found helpful for learning, self-care, and more. 




An ergonomic way to do pelvic floor muscle releases yourself. Comes in 3 different options. 

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Stretchy, interlocking rings worn on the penis or placed on a sex toy to make penetration more comfortable for those who have discomfort with deep thrusting.


Shine Organic by Maude

There are a lot of fantastic, high quality lubes out there. This one just happens to be one of my favorites that isn't on the Origin list.

Local Resources

Largest LGBTQ+ Community Center in the PNW. Serving the communities of Portland Metro and SW Washington

Woman-owned sex toy boutique in Portland, OR. Where sexual empowerment is for every body!

Prism Health is Oregon's first LGBT primary health clinic offering everything from STI screening to HRT management.

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